About Us

"All flesh is grass, and all the goodliness thereof is as the flower of the field." (Isaiah 800BC) Food is Medicine (Hippocrates 400 BC)

Provincially over the past 70 years, hundreds of thousands of acres of pastoral farmland have become derelict. Annually Nova Scotia now imports over 90% of beef requirement with hundreds of millions of dollars going to the benefit of other provinces and foreign countries.

Countless generations connected to the land understand the symbiotic relationship with cattle converting vegetation, not palatable to humans, into food leading to the general weal or wealth of a region.

  • By replacing imported beef, we can reduce transportation costs benefitting both animals and the environment. This mitigates carbon and health care costs many times the actual food value.
  • By buying locally, employment opportunities are increased, which in turn helps the local economy.
  • We can provide local safe, secure food grown right here at home.