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Working with nature from grass/clover and other nutritious 'greens' through cattle to produce beef, the most nutrient dense, mainstay, healthy equivalent of our evolutionary, big game, Hunter Gatherer or Paleo diet.

Cows are out wintered with calves born on late spring grass as nature intended. The calves are predominately grass fattened in the following grazing seasons for optimum health levels in vitamins A, D, E, B12 etc., essential fatty acids high in Omega 3(lean ground tests almost 1000mg per lb) plus high CLA and other beneficial nutrients/minerals.

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Naturalized clover/grass lea between grazings Cows/calves Fattening cattle Fattening cattle Fattening cattle Cows/calves Fattening cattle Fattening steers at rest with their companion Guard dog View of Cow and calf herd from house in late fall 20 yr oldest cow with her White Park calf White park cow with Black calf showing hybrid vigor black steer on summer pasture 'Show us Your Canada' winning Toyota/Canada competition entry representing Nova Scotia, displayed in Canada Pavilion, 2005 World Expo, Japan. It is part of our cow herd taken by Al Gallant of Halifax, in August who was looking for our bull field (bull banner) but they had been turned in with the cows. We discovered it after the fact on his return from Japan and include it as graphic evidence that non farm people have a visceral or instinctive knowledge of the goodness of cattle and pastoral farming.

Winter Rations

1940’s technology getting the field ready to seed the Swedes Field of Swedes Field of Swedes partially harvested for winter fattening Out wintered cows with their calves born on grass as nature intended Christmas day and dinner for fattening steers who have just found garden swede patch with gate opened for such purpose and accompanied by faithful guard dogs White Park crossbred steer