Linden Leas Choice Beef

Central to a paleo or hunter gatherer diet, as natural as can be

Beef is Best:- natural carbon recycling plus grassland farmed source of essential nutrients in human life: e.g. CoQ10, Vitamins, (including B12) Zinc, Iron, CLA and essential fatty acids - Omega 6:3 ratios ideal at almost 1:1. All are now known to be essential in the prevention and treatment of heart disease, cancers and brain disorders. Ancient wisdoms and now evidence of this food for thought is irrefutable with the latest human clinical trials indicating the health benefits of eating beef daily: See Links

Grass Fed Beef Benefits

This beef is naturally concentrated nutrients and a healthy functional food, resulting from the sun's energy converted through annual greening and cattle, of, by, and for, Nova Scotia.

"put some beef in it", comes from ancient understanding of the energy concentration in beef now supported by modern science as essential for human health from bones to brain and all connected between.

Due to dry aging for three weeks, visceral, concentrated natural flavors as imprinted from our evolutionary diet of big game ruminants are enjoyed in the beef which is the domesticated equivalent of the best of seasonally fat big game. The essential nutrients, in balance for optimum human health are mainly available in the fat profile of predominately grass fattened beef at up to 10 times the levels in modern grain fed meats.

Eg. Omega 3's with enhanced CLA, vitamin D etc. tests over 200mg per 100g compared to the average of 61mg and 46mg respectively in other pastured beef and grain fed beef. This is equivalent to getting an extra $5 value of the best Omega 3, Krill or fish oil supplement pills in every pound of our ground beef, (see links page and chart in Dr Mark Hyman's presentation on Paleo diets and MS).

Above is a reproduction of the chart in the video showing our beef alongside the others.

World Renown Heart Surgeon Speaks Out On What Really Causes Heart Disease - La Leva di Archimede

The following slices from e-mails are typical of comments made by many of our repeat customers (click on names to view comments):

Louise (and Brad)

Alma Beazley

Roy and Deb Murphy, Enfield


"Saturday we tried the BBQ sausage - best we have ever tried.
Last night we tried the tenderloin - and OH MY !!! it was sooooooooo Good. When
will you be back in the Metro area again?"

~ Louise (and Brad)
"We have only been purchasing beef from Linden Lea Farms and
my health has never been better. I was battling my cholesterol for many years with
Doctors help (medication, diet etc.) and my numbers just wouldn't move. I was told
to give up red meat; well I know that just wasn't going to happen as I was a meat and
potatoes person.

I decided to only purchase beef from Linden Leas Farm and one year later my cholesterol
and triglyceride levels are the best they have ever been. The only thing I have done
different this last year was change the beef I am eating. Nothing else changed."

~ Alma Beazley
"Dear Mr.Foster,
I had to write you a brief note to tell you
how much we enjoy your beef products. I am diabetic and my wife has MS and digestive
problems. Your product , is tender and jucy and not fat saturated as 'store bought'.
We try to have beef now three to four times a week and in the last two years have found
it sits far better after a meal and is a pleasure to prepare and serve. My mother enjoys
your soup bones and burger to no end and has remarked on her appreciation of the quality.
Hope we are able to enjoy your fine food for many years to come."

Roy and Deb Murphy, Enfield
"Well, I actually kept a record of my weight - on September 5 it has
a note simply saying "BEEF started". At that time, I weighed 179 pounds. I was eating a
moderate diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, and moderate exercise, and my weight
had not gone down significantly all summer. On September 5, I changed nothing except
replacing store-bought meats with your beef.

I made sure I ate one meal with it daily, and also had some in soups etc. whenever I found
myself craving fats. As a breastfeeding mother, I need fats, but eating store-bought meats
never satisfied the craving. The beef stopped that, and I generally felt better very soon.
Broth from the beef bones was also very good and made good meals with vegetables.

As of today (January 30) I'm at 148 pounds and still going down gradually. All I changed was
to eliminate store-bought meats and eat your beef instead. I feel good, and have more energy
than I did in a long time."

~ Elgin

We work with nature to provide quality beef year round.