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Over 30% of your dollar in the value chain becomes tax. Hundreds of millions of dollars are exported from our province to buy beef alone. You can help sustain your local producers and yourself by buying locally!

As a family we have perfected a system of grassland/forage feeding cattle to produce beef, which we guarantee to be top quality and as tasty, tender and juicy as any imported product. All our calves trace back to homegrown Bulls of Belgian Blue, White Park, Angus ancestry famous for superb muscle and fat marbling resulting in fine textured and tasty beef. Over the past thirty years we have unparalleled experience of the best of previous generations grass fattening expertise in Nova Scotia conditions and estimate we have predominately grass fattened about 50% of provincial output. This is over 30,000 head, now from pasture to plate and we have well over 1000 family regular repeat customers. Tenderness is natural, aided by dry ageing before cutting without any chemical or mechanical enhancement.

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Some samples of grass fattened beef cuts showing grass fat marbling—remember ratio of Omega 6:3 is almost balanced and Omega 3 is liquid in fresh beef vacuum packages shown therefore not visible. Independent tests show this beef is 4 to 10 times better in Omega 3 ratios than in grain fattened beef and therefore ideal for health as in evolutionary diets and brain food similar to fish.

In addition, CLA—a believed potent anti-cancer/antioxidant—is enhanced year round due to our feeding regime, compared to grain finished beef. CLA is a fat and believed related to Vitamin D and rumination of grass and other high carotenoid vegetation(carrots/Brassicas etc.) It is highest in grass fat, marbled beef with independent tests on ours showing the greatest concentration in bone marrow fat as shown in this picture - Omega 3 = 860mg/g with CLA almost 1200mg/g and 6:3 ratio 1.58 to 1 with total fat content similar to the human brain corroborating scientific literature.

Next best in tests of cuts examined is the ground beef as shown below. This tested over 550mg. CLA per lb. with the Omega 3 at almost 1000mg per lb. and Omega 6:3 ratio at 1.17 to 1 and as the ground is trimmed to lean specs., further corroborates the relationship and science that we evolved from the ‘Fat of the Land’.

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Grass Fed Porterhouse Steak Grass Fed Prime Rib Steak Grass Fed Sirloin Steak Grass Fed Ground Beef
Cooking tips...
Cooks 30% faster than grainfed beef - ideal searing temperature for best results according to multiple repeat customers and Tender Grass Fed Meats is at the point just before melted butter starts to smoke, believed about 325degrees F. for 2 min each side, then simmer to preference depending on thickness. Most tender when medium/rare is achieved by resting a few minutes off the heat after a total of 4 to 8 minutes cooking.

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  • Top-quality government inspected beef
  • Product of Nova Scotia
  • Quality guaranteed from our field to your table
  • Equivalent to Canada AA or AAA, or USDA Choice quality

Fresh and Frozen cuts generally available depending on seasonal demand. Please allow three weeks for any special orders.

Our beef is priced at the full retail in Canada for A grade or US choice beef as at the time of our border being closed due to the discovery of BSE (mad cow) in Alberta in May 2003. We have not changed the sticker price of 8 years ago and cannot match loss leader discounting on individual cuts. However we are competitive on volume and price lists of individual cuts are available on request. Prices at the beef mobile and for individual delivery depend on volume and added distribution/delivery costs.

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